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Blessings and love!

As of June, 2022, my practice is full but I am able to meet by phone or by zoom with current or former clients. Thank you so much for all of your support, care and kindness these past 40 years

To serve and help you during this time, I highly and joyfully recommend the following people:

Rekha ( like a ray of sunshine) Ohal for mediumship, angelic and intuitive work

Claudia Preston, holistic practitioner, life coach and spiritual counseling

Estere Morris, astrology and spiritual counseling

I will be posting updates as to what I will be offering in the future. Please check back for the latest news! With love and light,



Thank you for visiting. The Angels and Spiritual guides are wonderful helpers on our journey through life. As we become aware of their presence and are open to interaction with them, our lives can be enriched in so many ways.

During childhood I became aware of the Angelic realm. Through the Angels support I have been able to be a "telephone" to the Spiritual worlds. During my late 20's, much to my delight I discovered that I could share the Angels messages with other people.

We can all be in touch with the Angels and receive their support. I see and hear them, as a clairvoyant and clairaudient. We all are capable of receiving guidance in our own unique and individual ways. It is my hope and intention to help others in having their own connection with Spirit and the Angels.

For many years, I have been blessed to serve individuals all around the world. I have had the opportunity to teach and share messages in group settings in Japan, Great Britain and the United States. I have worked with individuals, businesses and organizations in helping to establish the mission and purpose of the group and also to explore innovative ways to work smoothly together in the spirit of service.

The Angels' readings have offered guidance and encouragement in understanding life's challenges and also in helping a person open to new opportunities. Through these exchanges, a deeper connection to Spirit and the Angels can be established.

I am delighted to be widening my services in several ways. Through this website I will post channeled uidance and attunements. It is my sincere hope that this way of offering Angelic conversation will bring insight, upliftment, joy and delight to all.

May the blessings of the Universe shine upon you and your Angels touch you with love,


Turn your face towards the sun and shadows will only fall behind you.

~ Asian Proverb

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